Eaglemount International - Website Launch

Website - EagleMount International - January 2017 - A ministerial website created by Third Realm Studios for Jacqui Waters. This website was created using wix web building technology (www.wix.com). I often prefer now to use website building applications, over coding the website myself, I find this generally produces a better long term solution for my clients and at a better price point.

Third Realm Studios - Japan

Founder of Third Realm Studios, Adam Butterick set off on a long term adventure in the land of the rising sun, Japan. During this time Third Realm Studios will continue to service clients remotely as many have already being services this way.

Virtual Built - 3D Printing

There always seems to be interesting tasks to be undertaken at the Virtual Built office. Recently I was able to use my knowledge in 3D printing and modelling to produce these mini buildings of projects Virtual Built have worked on. These little buildings are to become small gifts for some of Virtual Built customers. Since acquiring a 3D printer I continue to find new potential uses and applications, It’s become a regular part of my business and i don’t regret it for a moment.

ISG Pit To Ship - Short Video Creation

A small video project for ISG - Pit to Ship Solutions, combining several videos and editing it all together in both Spanish and English versions. These short videos are often made for a specific event or purpose. Earlier in the year we also made a french translated version for an existing video we previously put together for ISG.

Virtual Built - Virtual Reality

Within the Virtual Built office one often finds nice expensive toys, for example the numerous virtual reality headsets. But these aren’t just for fun, they are becoming an indispensable tool for visualization. There is a different approach when creating content for the virtual world rather than for documentation and coordination in Revit. My task was to assist in creating a virtual room for the Flinders Medical Centre project and trial several virtual reality platforms. This room can then be used by the hospital planners and various user groups to visualize the patient's room and raise any issues found which may have been missed with traditional documentation drawings.

Inwit Consulting - Website Reboot

Inwit Consulting now has a new website! Third Realm Studios previously made their website back in July 2014, but the client desired an updated design to reflect the new season of his company. This website was made using squarespace.com, a web building platform which I enjoy using. This also incorporated my clients blog, which he is passionate about.

Virtual Built - Collaboration

Through Virtual Built I was able to work with the Revit technicians and Architects at JPE, adelaides oldest architectural firm, www.jpe.com.au. It was an very enjoyable time working with the team at JPE to help in any drafting or modelling capacity on the UNI SA Great hall project - Click Here

Virtual Built - Collaboration

Through my earlier involvement on the NRAH Hospital project in Adelaide, I got a chance to meet Michael Clothier, Luke Johnson and Rachel Temple of the Virtual Built team, https://www.virtualbuilt.com.au/. I’m happy to announce that I’m now part of their team too, providing support in various capabilities. Over the next couple month I had the chance to work on these projects for a variety of clients through Virtual Built.

  • NRAH - security drafting services (Honeywell)
  • Sunshine Coast Hospital - electrical drafting services (Nilsens)
  • UniSA Great Hall Construction - 3D modelling, clash detection and resolution.

IGS Bim Solutions - Schneider

Together with the highly skilled people from IGS Bim Solutions (http://igsgroup.com.au/), we produced some great content for Schneider Electric Australia in the form of high grade Revit Families. We created a dozen Revit 3D models/families mostly in the security device category, such as door access and control devices. Some families for the mechanical services drafters were also made too, in the way of rooms temperature sensors and duct & pipe sensors. We hope that these families will be well received by the revit technicians that use them to create their projects.Schneider Electric Australia website can be found here: http://www.schneider-electric.com.au/en/.

Below are some of the 3D views of the content created as well as a sample project for easy access to all family types. The content was created with the Revit user in mind, so model geometry is kept simple and functionality and usability is our focus. They are created as a good starting point for further modification if desired.

REFTEC Services - Barossa Mitre10

I was introduced to Matt Jones from REFTEC, via one of my existing contacts. Third Realm Studios will be providing drafting support in the way of mechanical services drawings, beginning with 2D drafting and hopefully 3D documentation if the right projects comes along. Below are some clips from the drawings produced for our this first project together, a Mitre10 home hardware shop in the Barossa. I look forward to more future work together with REFTEC Services.

ISG Pit To Ship - Major 2016 Brochure Update

New edition of ISG - Pit to Ship Solutions container brochure. Several pages were amended and added to enhance this brochure which is distributed often both electronically and in hard copy form.

AECOM - Various Projects

A five week part time role back at AECOM whilst studying, working on various projects to help manage their workload. I keep regular contact with the team from AECOM and Third Realm Studios is always willing to assist where possible. During my time here I predominantly provided revit drafting support, in the mechanical department but often assist other disciplines if required.

BCA Engineers - Apartment Project

Working remotely and visiting the office regularly for meetings, Third Realm Studios provided Revit drafting and customisation services. Whilst undertaking the mechanical services documentation for this Apartment Project, I also assisted where practical to set up templates and custom content for BCA to boost their library and drafting/modelling standards in Revit. This content can be further developed over time and used on the next project if appropriate. Below is a typical apartment of this project.

Third Realm Studios - Future Jewellery Direction

During my last adventure in Japan I decided to begin developing my skill in the area of jewellery design and physical manufacturing. I hope to make this part of Third Realm Studios range of services. Starting in February I will be studying several days a week, at the Adelaide College of Arts for the entirety of this academic year.

STH - New Royal Adelaide Hospital

Several weeks after christmas holidays, I finished up with STI-DI in early February. It was a great opportunity working with the various team members and I value the experience and contacts gained from this contract. Though I normally work for engineering companies, it’s been a great to experience working for the Architectural side.